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  • Upon receipt of your unit, Denevi will prepare an estimate of the repair cost at no charge and notify you of the repair cost including an itemization of the parts needed to effect the repair. If you choose not to proceed, your expense will be only the cost of shipping and insurance to return the unit to you.
  • Repair cost is based on $125/hr plus parts. Minimum cost to repair any unit is $50 plus parts.
  • Due to the fact that new parts are not always available, we will also use either used parts or refurbished parts as necessary to make the repair.
  • Return shipping costs and shipping insurance will be included in your billing.
  • We request that all incoming shipments be insured for a minimum of $2500.00. It is also recommended to double box the unit before shipping.
  • All repairs made by Denevi are warranted for thirty days, parts and labor included.
  • Clearly label the equipment with your name, address and contact phone number.
  • Include with your shipment a detailed description of what is wrong with the equipment and include any parts you removed.
  • It is recommended that you double box your units, ship only one unit per box, and insure each box.
  • Telephone Support to discuss your requirement, please call 925-290-7309.
    and ask for Elmo Repair Department
  • Standard service time is approximately
    two weeks subject to in-house repair load, nature of unit failure and repair part availability.
  • Invoice will include a detailed accounting of labor hours, parts used and shipping and insurance costs.
  • Complete the Information Request Form.
  • Ship the equipment to:

Denevi Digital
7172 Regional St. Num 288
Dublin, CA 94568

Attn: Elmo Service Department

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