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Denevi Digital Imaging Complete Elmo Repair and Service

Specializing in Elmo Transvideo and Elmo ST-180, we have one of the largest inventories of Elmo parts in the country, as well as trained in-house technicians.

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Elmo ST, TRV and GS Standard Maintenance

Starting at $125.00
Denevi Digital Imaging’s standard maintenance on ELMO ST, TRV, and GS projectors includes: cleaning and lubricating of all gears, pulleys, rollers, guides, claw assembly, and cam assembly. Also includes the checking and adjusting of the camera head position, white balance, burst, focus, iris, film path, rollers pressure, arm tension, brakes, and belts.

Elmo Projector ST and TRV Motor Rebuild

Starting at $225. 00
A common problem with ELMO ST and TRV projectors is the motor. Our complete motor rebuild includes: replacement of the brushes and springs, resurfacing of the axle and center axle, and calibration of the speed control circuit. Denevi Digital Imaging offers a one (1) year warranty on parts replaced and labor for this service.

 Elmo TRV-S8 and TV-R8 Camera Upgrade

Starting at $875.00
Denevi Digital Imaging ELMO TRV –R8/S8 Camera Upgrade updates the superior mechanical quality of the original TRV with a state of the art 700 line camera with a color Super HD CCD II CCD Sensor. The upgrade features a composite output with auto white balance and manual override.  We also offer Camera upgrade for the Elmo TRV-16 staring at $975.00 (call for details)

Elmo TRV-S8 and TRV-R8 Projector Camera Upgrade Stats. Close Up of Elmo Camera Upgrade
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